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I know, we've been hearing offline about providing the ability to customize symptoms.  We went back and forth on this during design.  On the one hand, we want to make the site useful and relevant for every possible user.  On the other hand, we want to create a standardized list so that people can share the list amongst their practitioners and coaches and everybody knows that they are looking at the same data.  In the end, standardization won because we felt inter-practitioner consistency was extremely important.  But, this doesn't mean that we can't add symptoms to the list if there is significant impetus from our community to do so.  

If you want a symptom that isn't here, let us know.

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Hello everyone and thanks for your feedback as we iron out a few issues and prepare for going officially live in January.

An important concern has been raised by a few who have braved the dense legalese of our Terms of Use and found some true beasts lurking within. The original TOU did not adequately protect our users' confidentiality, particularly with respect to personal data. We are very thankful to the individuals who pointed this out to us, and have amended the language of the TOU to clearly protect our users' health data and privacy.

In English, our policy as stated in the TOU is to hold information such as user identity, emails, health data, and correspondence with us in confidentiality. In fact, we are applying HIPAA standards to protect health data. The only information that is not protected is information that is already public or that you post on the forum or blog space. 

We want you all to feel that your privacy is protected and secure and that we have your interests at heart. Please let me know if you still have concerns:

Thanks again for all your feedback,


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Hi everyone,

Based on further comments, we have also made this Forum a protected part of the site only accessible to those who have subscribed to the site.  This means that the Forum will not be publically accessible, like our blog, but only for those who are using the service.

Terms of use will be updated soon to reflect new Forum use protocols to protect your privacy.


So far I like the use of this, and want to share my symptom tracking with my doctor. I can only figure out how to downoad todays results into a pdf. Is there a way I can download all of them? Or provide compressed data for him?

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You are right, for now, the site only provides the ability to download individual entries to share with your doctor.  The other options, until we build the sharing features that we're designing right now, is to either bring a mobile device that has web access to your appointment to show your graphs, or to use your computer's screenshot capabilities to take a snapshot of the graphs that you want to show.  A good source of tutorials for how to take screenshots is

We're also working on a practitioner side dashboard to the application, which we hope to present in early Summer.  The idea here would be to provide patients and practitioners with even better tools for communicating with each other.

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Hi Everyone,

Some of you have written us asking about our scale, which is a 1 to 5 scale with 1 being worse and 5 being better.  You have pointed out that conventional scales normally run 1-10, with 1 representing less discomfort and 10 representing the highest level of discomfort.  Why, you ask, did we decide to switch things around?

Well, Lindsay and I went around and around on this one. I thought we should do the conventional scale, and Lindsay wanted the scale we have today. The reason Lindsay finally convinced me to go with 5 as better was that a scale that scores high for better health reflects the intention behind this site.  We want people to have high scores when they are healthy instead of when they are sick.  This puts our emphasis on getting healthy, not on how badly we are feeling.  Our goal is to provide you with a healing tool.  

As one person commented when I tried to explain this, maybe it is about time to put some ingrained medical conventions on their head.  What do you think?


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Thanks for this feedback. 

The way the scale is set up now, with 1-5 in half steps, gives us an actual scale with nine steps, only one less than a 1-10 scale.  Most pain scales are 1-10 (e.g. the Baker-Wang scale you see in emergency rooms).  The graphing interface we're using only allows us to expand resolution in factors of 10, so to add resolution, we'd next have to offer 1-10 with ten steps between each number, or 90 possible data points, which we feel would make using the site more burdensome for most of the folks dealing with Lyme.  But this is something we'll look in to and test out.



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It is wonderful to get such feedback, and we continue to work to improve, so expect upgrades soon.



Hi All,

We're working on getting the spam cut off.  Trying captcha and other methods to keep this area for relevant discussions.

Sorry for the annoyance.


Our efforts to keep the spammers out are not showing signs of success, so we will be limiting access to the forum only to subscribers in the very near future.

Thanks for your patience, 

Chronic Tracker Team

We are transitioning away from our HIPAA server. As you may know, we are not a covered entity pursuant to the HIPAA law, and though we wanted to provide that extra bit of confidence for you our users, we are not able to continue justifying the substantial extra cost.

We do have alternate, robust security protections, so your data is safe with us.

We will be updating our terms of use and privacy policy to reflect the change in servers shortly.

Thanks and, as always, send us any feedback,

Team CTL